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Doraemon Season Finale is in Production | Dushyant Kapoor

The time has come to finish what we began.

Dushyant Kapoor shared a BTS post on his official Instagram account that clearly shows that Doraemon's 5th episode will be released very soon. The team hasn't revealed much about the project, but we can see that they're filming in beautiful locations to give the audience a new experience.

Doraemon is a Sci-Fi web show produced by DK FILMS for Doraemon fans on YouTube. We could call the series entirely fan-made, but it doesn't appear to be. Doraemon 4th episode was released on May 15th, 2021; fans loved the show and have been waiting for the new episode since then.

This show has received 20 million views worldwide and is also available to watch on MX player. The character in the show is the same as it was in the cartoon. Dushyant Kapoor plays Nobita, Charchit Kaushik plays Dekisugi, Aayushi Nain plays Shizuka, Ankit Vatsa plays Suneo, and Nakul Rawat plays Geyan.

Dushyant Kapoor with Charchit Kaushik on the set of Doraemon's season finale.


What is new in this episode, according to Charchit Kaushik, who is also filming it? He responded.

People are eager to see what time patrol will do to Nobita and his team. We've been debating this script for a long time and have finally reached a decision that will surprise the audience. It is unexpected. People will see the live action Doraemon again, and it will reveal some facts that they haven't noticed before, because the action is new and the twists are mind-bending.


Will Geyan be able to defeat Time Patrol? Nakul replied:

Geyan is a funny character, and his appearance on screen is well-liked. If he has to fight time patrol, it must be hilarious. The season finale follows a storyline, and the character cannot go against the script. The director has a plan, and he will use the character to surprise the audience. You must wait for the final episode, which is truly amazing.


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FactShortz World
FactShortz World
10 Eyl 2021

Hope it will come

Krishit Shah
Krishit Shah
11 Eyl 2021
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