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Indian Doraemon is quite emotional

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It was just another evening with me babysitting my little cousin. I turned on the TV, hoping for some show which will interest my little brother. Instead, it became a conversation with him about the cartoons I used to watch during my childhood. I told him stories of shows like Shinchan, Doraemon, Pokemon, and so on. He instantly identified Doraemon.

Doraemon has been a hit for every generation since its start. The show has been subbed and dubbed across various countries, including India. DK Films, a production house in India and YouTube channel, have recreated Doraemon for Indian fans.

On the 50th anniversary of Doraemon, DK Films launched their version of Doraemon. Return of Doraemon, released on 17th July 2020, became a massive hit with around 4 million views. It is an adaptation of “The Last Episode of Doraemon”. This series is followed by three episodes named – The Wedding, The Kidnapping, and Doraemon Returns v/s Time Patrol. All three episodes have an average of 700 thousand views.

The version of Doraemon which Dushyant Kapoor created is more character-based than we expected. It respects the humor present in the original series although, the human emotions are more enhanced in DK’s version. In this world, Doraemon is missing leading Nobita has changed a lot because of his absence.

There is also a comradery among the original cast. Gian and Suneo, although their original character traits but are much helpful to Nobita and have a rich friendship. Dushyant Kapoor kept the essence of friendship throughout the series.

The new re-imagined version of Doraemon has been a successful hit and has resonated with a lot of audiences. We all are looking forward to more episodes about this series. Let us hope we get a re-imagined version of Shinchan or Pokemon someday too.

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Rahul Maurya
Rahul Maurya
Sep 09, 2021

Doraemon aa ye ga


Prashant Raj
Prashant Raj
Jun 15, 2021

Doraemon is love and the way DK Films has made it is just outstanding 🌸💗

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