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Indian  Superheroes

Growing up, we all had moved in different directions, but what remained one thing common in all of us? The love for superheroes! We all grew up watching Superheroes, didn’t we? Be it the fabulous Marvel movies like Iron Man, Spiderman, Avengers, or the animated series, which were quite a thing for the 90s kids, or the comics which were also very popular. Since visuals are more interesting to watch, comics transformed into movies, but the love for superheroes is never going to end. 

Besides the International superheroes, we were huge fans of Indian Superheroes. Remember watching Shaktian, Doga, Nagraj, Junior G, and of course Captain Vyom. I remember how I was so addicted to these shows. There was a time when Shaktimaan and Shaka Laka Boom Boom were some of the most-watched serials on Indian television. Though we see Bollywood has tried to adapt superheroes in movies like Krrish, Ra-One, and Bhavesh Joshi, neither could create a massive impact on pop culture.

Well, that’s not it! Just when we thought Indian Superheroes have outlasted in our childhood, here comes the good news. DK Films, a film production company in India, has finally brought our youth back by bringing Indian Superheroes to Screen. And the good ones! 

Dk Films has created our “very own” Indian Superheroes named Mahakaal, Suitboy, Naari, Hian, She, and many such unique characters. They started their journey by creating a fan-made trailer for Shaktimaan, which gained around 18 Million Views on YouTube. But sadly, we could not see the whole series due to various issues. After this, they introduced us to a couple of Indian superheroes, the first one being Mahakaal. The characters of DK Films are unlike any Indian Superheroes; their origin is coming from Indian History and Ancient God stories.

 Let me tell you about all the Indian Superheroes we got in here! 

Mahakaal indian superhero

1.Mahakaal Superhero

Their first character after the Fan-Made Trailer of Shaktiman was Mahakaal. The character Mahakaal is the grandson of Lord Shiva and possesses powers like super strength, flight, superhuman speed, teleportation, and immortality.  


2. Naari

Naari, a female superhero, and historical character comes from the Kalyuga of Brahma’s 50th day and has the power of superhuman strength and immortality. She can heal, has superhuman speed, and can take anyone to a virtual dream world. We have seen her presence in the film “Shaka Laka Boom Boom and Magic Pencil Returns.”

she finale.jpg

3. SHE

Another female superhero who is yet to debut is SHE. Being a victim once, she is now a vigilante who fights for everyone affected. Her superpowers are hand-to-hand combat, and she is a master in technology. She is also an expert in martial arts and handling weapons.


4. Suitboy

Another superhero, Suitboy, is a story of a boy who received a suit made of Invisible cells from Planet B, which possesses the power of invisibility and superhuman strength. It is one of the most popular superheroes in the DK film universe. 

charcter design (2).jpeg


Hion was saved from death by a loved one with the medicines of Lord Yamputra. He possesses the powers of healing, super strength, superhuman reflexes, and stamina.


6. Halt

This is Halt. He is a result of a science experiment. He has the power to freeze time and can run fast. 

And there are many such amazing superheroes in the Universe of DK Films. So don't get disheartened, as Superheroes are going to stay and surprise us very soon or come back with their incredible powers. 

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