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DORAEMON - The Last Episode

Doraemon - The Last Episode is a Live Action Sci-fi Web Show created by Dushyant Kapoor & Team. 


After Doraemon's malfunction, Nobita's life completely takes a turn. It takes years of hard work and isolation for him to do the impossible.

Created by: Dushyant Kapoor
Associate writer: Prashant Raj
Director: Ankit Vatsa
3D: Vikas Chauhan
3D Render: Pushpendra Sharma
Editor: Dushyant Kapoor
Editing Supervisor: Tushar Sirohi
DOP Supervisor: Anand Badoniya
Assistant DOP: Charchit Kaushik
Makeup & Wadrobe: Deepshikha Sirohi
Music: Neelkanth Pathak
Singer: Dushyant Kapoor
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