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Narad entrance should be massive in the universe of DK FILMS | Dushyant Kapoor

I travelled to Kurukshetra in order to write a script for my Indian superhero league. Following Mahakaal, Boom, Suitboy, this film must be released in order for my universe to be finished on YouTube.

(Dushyant Kapoor in kurukshetra)

The facts of the Mahabharat war cannot be denied; it is something from which we should all learn. If I'm going to play Narad as a villain, he needs to be huge and intimidating. It must also reflect the character's goodness. This type of character requires conversation and a script, which is why I'm in Mahabharat's kingdom.


It will be almost two years since I released Suitboy. The comments on it are still remembered because they were so amazing and people wanted to know what happened next. A lot of things happened, such as the pandemic, which prevented me from doing the Indian superhero team up. I was going through a lot because Bollywood is constantly unveiling superhero films in lockdown. I assumed my time would never come, owing to my belief that superhero films are my genre. I'd like to tell folks about my experience.

I've received a lot of messages, about 1000-1250 each month on average, asking when I'll make a film like the Indian Avengers on YouTube. It sparked a lot of thought in me. I was constantly learning how to make great movies. Now that God has given me power, I'm ready to take on the world. I think I should begin.

(Dushyant Kapoor, Tushar Sirohi, Charchit Kaushik & Neelkanth Pathak in kurukshetra)


Apart from that, I know how much people enjoy the Narad character, so it will be a lot of fun to play him again after such a long time, as well as spreading eternal knowledge of the Sanatan dharma and cosmic truths through him.


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