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Message from Dushyant Kapoor to every fan of Shaktimaan.

I woke up today and found my social media handles filled with questions about the latest announcement of 'SHAKTIMAAN' movie. I was stunned to see people asking me "If I am a part of it or am I directing this film?"

Six years ago, I know you all believed in me when I created the Shaktimaan Fan Made Trailer, you all put your trust in me in millions and Mr. Mukesh Khanna ji appreciated us too.

To all of you guys across the nation & world I want to say that I am feeling so blessed that you guys believe that I can be a part of such a huge phenomenon but unfortunately this is not true, I am not the part of this shaktimaan movie for now. I wish I could be the one.

Thank you all for believing in me, I am excited for the film

With love, Dushyant Kapoor.


Dushyant has also shared the screenshots of the questions that have been asked to him regarding the announcement of film Shaktimaan.

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