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Exclusice | Meet Raksha Sutra Writer Prashant Raj and Raise a toast

Prashant Raj is an Indian film screenwriter and actor. His films are characterized by nonlinear storylines, dark humor, accord violence, ensemble casts, extended dialogue, ensemble casts, references to Indian popular culture, alternate history, and neo-noir.

Question: What made you write "Rakshasutra"? how did this idea come to your mind?

Well, I have been associated with DK Films for a one-half year now. We were discussing and doing a lot of sci-fi and superhero stuff but you will find the core inspiration behind every work of DK Films is the glorious history of India which we mistakenly refer to as mythology. So on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, we were planning for a sci-fi Idea what DK Films fan love to see along with this idea of the origin of Raksha Bandhan, where did it all get started from? like this so we all had such kind of ideas but then one of the members of the team, our editor advised us to make something that not only fantasizes the youth but also educate them about the history and the truth behind what we see today as the culture of our nation as youth is our core audience and future of this nation. Rakshasutra was the finest idea to go on the floor, as It has history, mythology, supernatural incidents, and everything that a true epic needs to be made.

Question: You have written a blend of two stories, one is from the era of medieval India and the other one is from the mythological era of Krishna? How do these two stories connect and what made you convinced about putting these two stories altogether?

Yes, these stories show two significant moments from the history of this nation. One is from Dwapara Yuga, the time of Krishna, the incident of killing of Shishupal took place just a few years before the epic Mahabharata and the other one is from the early history of Mughals when India was on the verge of losing many Rajputana Kingdoms under Islamic invasion in India. So both the stories show the crucial time before the battle. In both stories, a woman is asking for help from a powerful being of that time and the idea behind these stories was to show how strong the traditions of this nation are that they are being followed for thousands of years and Rani Karnawati quotes the incident of Draupadi and Krishna when she writes a letter to Humayun to help her and to save her kingdom from Gujrat Sultan Bahadurshah. Both the stories leave an impact and prove the fact that there is a strong reason & history behind every tradition people of this country follow even today and most of the traditions are followed in the form of festivals like Rakshabandhan.

(Prashant raj on the set of "Raksha Sutra" in Bulandshahar)