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How did I prepare for my first part as Panna Dai in Raksha Sutra? - Deepshikha Sirohi

It was an honor to be chosen to act in such a historical short film. Panna Dai was a warrior who made sacrifices that no one else could imagine. She was the epitome of a strong and faithful woman. She was not only Rani Karnavati's nursemaid but also a supporter and mother to her children. I was ecstatic to be portraying her.

In the short film RakshaSutra, I had only a small part. But I felt thrilled when I read the dialogues. “Bilkul nahi, jab tak hum zinda hai, Rajkumar bundi Rajya nahi jayenge!

I was feeling like a warrior, someone who could actually fight with a whole army.

DK Films always come up with such amazing stories and Raksha Sutra was truly one of a kind. It took me three days to prepare for the character, I read everything about her personality, her life, everything. We tried many costumes to give it the perfect look of Panna Dai Ji.

The makeup, the jewelry, we dug for the right piece of everything to make this character alive. I practiced the dialogue almost 1000 times, and it took around 5 shots to get it to the screen.

Every character in the short film was amazing, their performance was extraordinary. As a debut, getting to work with good actors, and such an amazing role, who wouldn’t agree that I am lucky.

Watch this amazing short film here on the official YouTube Channel of DK FILMS.


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