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Mahakaal - Indian Superhero

When was the last time we saw a superhero movie or show based on Indian Mythology? You cannot recall any. Only 'Hero: Bhakti hi Shakti Hai' is based loosely on Indian mythology. Except for that show, there has been none. Even Marvel and DC comics have characters from Indian mythology. Maya, Indra, Ahriman are few characters who have featured in Marvel comics.

Fans of the superhero have been awaiting an Indian mythology-based superhero. Indians have been craving it. While Bollywood failed to do so, DK Films have turned dreams into reality. DK Films, a film production company in India, led by Dushyant Kapoor, has brought us Mahakaal.

The character Mahakaal is the grandson of Lord Shiva and possesses powers like super strength, flight, superhuman speed, teleportation, and immortality. The story of Mahakaal revolves around two men who are blessed by the almighty under different circumstances. Yamputra, one of the two blessed souls turned evil and dreams of colonising the world under his feet. On the other hand, Mahakaal was born almighty and thrives to serve mankind and end Yamputra's evil dream.

Mahakaal became a massive hit with 1.2 million views on the first episode. The rest of the episodes have an average of 300 thousand views each. The audience and fans loved it. DK Films hit it around the park once again with the superhero genre.


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