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2020 : End of the world? A Sci-Fi shortfilm.

"2020: End of the world is a sci-fi Thriller short film created by Dushyant Kapoor & the team. The film has two parts and is available on platforms like YouTube & MX player with over 10 Million reaches."

We've all conjectured about how Coronavirus came to be. According to the WHO, the virus originated in China and was transmitted by a bat. Is that true, though? Who is the one who knows the truth? Nobody. Since then, a slew of conspiracy theories have gone viral.

We have all heard insane conspiracy theories like covid 19 being a man-made disease and part of biological warfare to covid 19 was made to profit the pharmaceutical company. But have you ever wondered if the virus was planted by an alien?


The short film has a very intriguing premise. The movie deals with the subject of how the year 2020 is the consequence of humans’ actions. The short film is an action-adventure movie about how the protagonists save themselves and the planet from an alien invasion.

The short film plays with the idea of what if Covid 19 was just a part of aliens' plans to destroy the Earth. Dushyant Kapoor made the film relevant to this current situation. He involved real incidents in the movie like the failed Chandrayan 2 mission or the Appolo 13 mission and linked it with the hands of the alien conspiracy.


Watch this amazing Shortfilm here:

Writer - Prashant Raj 
Director - Dushyant Kapoor 
Associate Director - Ankit Vatsa 
DOP Supervisor- Anand Badoniya 
DOP - Charchit Kaushik 
Sound Design - Naveen Singh 
Production - Vishwajeet Kumar, Vikas Chauhan 
Editing Supervisor - Tushar Sirohi 
Editor - Dushyant Kapoor