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YouTube Channel DK FILMS

DK FILMS is a platform for science fiction and superhero world material with a lot of action and a continuous cinematic experience. DK FILMS is the only YouTube channel dedicated to producing superhero movies.

DK FILMS is an Indian film production studio that specializes in the science fiction genre and has created a shared universe focused on a series of superhero films.



Mahakaal is an Indian superhero series created by Dushyant kapoor in 2016, It was the beginning of the cinematic superhero universe of DK FILMS.

Boom - Magic Pencil Returns

Boom - Magic pencil Returns is a Sci-fi thriller series created by Dushyant Kapoor in 2017, the second series following the cinematic superhero universe of DK FILMS

Suitboy - Invisible Superhero

Suitboy is an Indian Superhero series created by Dushyant Kapoor, produced by Naveen Singh & Shashi Prakash Chopra in 2020. It has 25 Million reach worldwide, the third series following the cinematic superhero universe of DK.


Explore more and watch amazing sci-fi content only on DK FILMS.

Dushyant Kapoor & Team with YouTube award for Crossing 100K Subscribers.

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