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Pehla Chakravyuh - Chalava : Drama Thriller Web Series

Our new web series" is set to debut on YouTube on August 3st after more than a year of setbacks. On July 27, the trailer for the series was uploaded on YouTube, and viewers' reactions to it were overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new series: Pehla Chakravyuh - Chalava


Ashish Dutta, a new police officer, is assigned to lead the path of a mysterious serial murderer who is being transferred from one prison to another. This journey leads to terrible things happening, people dying, and crimes that are hard to believe.

This prisoner, Chalava, is the name given to the protagonist of the series. The plot of the series revolves around the concepts of dark magic and superstition. Chalava is a suspenseful thriller that will feature an impressive cast and will be jam-packed with unexpected twists and turns.

The team behind

Dushyant Kapoor and his crew at DK Films have done the writing, production, and direction of the series.

As a co-producer of the series and as an actor, Mr. Shashi Prakash Chopra, who devoted a considerable amount of his time and efforts to the making of Chalava, participated in the production of the show. Ankit Vatsa and Charchit Kaushik are the show's executive producers. Anand Badoniya, who serves as the series Director of Photography, has done an excellent job in realizing the series' cinematic vision, which has been a major factor in the show's rising popularity. As an Associate Director, Vishwajeet Kumar has been of tremendous assistance throughout the production due to the fact that he is constantly on his toes. This has allowed him to be very proactive. With the assistance of the editor, Tushar Sirohi, the visual effects supervisor, Vikas Chauhan, and the visual effects producer, Pushpendra Sharma, the series has been edited to the point of visual perfection. Prashant Raj has written many amazing dialogues in the series, and the music was created by Lovepreet Singh. The incredible dialogues in the series were written by Prashant Raj, and Lovepreet Singh was responsible for the series' music. Neelkanth Pathak and Mukul Monga are responsible for penning the lyrics to a majority of the incredible songs featured in this series. Vijay Sirohi, the man in charge of the production as a whole, does an incredible job.

Pehla Chakravyuh - Chalava : Team

The making and the timeline:

The Series Chalava was shot in January, 2021, and it took over half a year for the series to be completed once production began. The crew attempted to make the series exclusive to one of the various over-the-top (OTT) platforms that it presented it to, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, MX, and other startups, but it couldn't make it to any platform.

In May of 2022, team DK Films uploaded it to YouTube, the platform where we had our beginnings as a company and where we had built a family of more than 5.5 lakh people from all over the world.

The first teaser for the "upcoming web series Chalava" was uploaded to YouTube on May 24. As of now, the video has received more than 9 lakh views. A legal claim was made against the title not long after it was made public, and as a result, both the trailer and the first episode were removed from YouTube shortly thereafter. To get it back, we had to put up a battle and spend a significant amount of time and money.

On July 27, we finally released the trailer of the series " Pehla Chakravyuh”-Chalava. The episodes will be available to watch from August 3rd on the Youtube channel DK Films. Each episode will be released every Friday on YouTube and will be fully available on the website on a paid subscription.

Watch First Episode here -

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