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Meet Death Note Star "Prashant Raj" also known as "Ulook"

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Hi, this is Prashant Raj, Writer / Actor / Aspiring filmmaker. In recent times I have written some interesting concepts & stories and have acted as well-loved by millions of people and with all the love I am continuing my journey to create better stories.

In a Recent Interview with Prashant Raj about his latest episode of Death Note, This is what we asked and he answered:

When were you offered the character of Ulook, what was your reaction?

In the beginning, we did Ulook's look test on 4 different actors including the director Dushyant Kapoor. They were all good but the essence of evil that Ulook carries with his character was missing so as a trial I was also tested for the look and it was exactly what we needed. I was really happy and excited when I found that it was going to be a certain thing that I am playing Ulook. I love acting and I never want to leave any chance where I can explore my acting skills apart from writing. So yeah I was very happy.

How is Character Ulook is different from Actor/Writer Prashant Raj?

They both are just opposite poles. Ulook is an evil & cunning creature living for the sake of his pleasure while Prashant has never been like this. I will never misuse or let anyone misuse any great power if I am granted any as Ulook does. Ulook doesn't follow any principles and he doesn't even love his brother & family but Prashant is incomplete without his family. There is a long list of differences that can't be written but yeah they both are poles apart from each other.