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Meet Death Note Star "Prashant Raj" also known as "Ulook"

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Hi, this is Prashant Raj, Writer / Actor / Aspiring filmmaker. In recent times I have written some interesting concepts & stories and have acted as well-loved by millions of people and with all the love I am continuing my journey to create better stories.

In a Recent Interview with Prashant Raj about his latest episode of Death Note, This is what we asked and he answered:

When were you offered the character of Ulook, what was your reaction?

In the beginning, we did Ulook's look test on 4 different actors including the director Dushyant Kapoor. They were all good but the essence of evil that Ulook carries with his character was missing so as a trial I was also tested for the look and it was exactly what we needed. I was really happy and excited when I found that it was going to be a certain thing that I am playing Ulook. I love acting and I never want to leave any chance where I can explore my acting skills apart from writing. So yeah I was very happy.

How is Character Ulook is different from Actor/Writer Prashant Raj?

They both are just opposite poles. Ulook is an evil & cunning creature living for the sake of his pleasure while Prashant has never been like this. I will never misuse or let anyone misuse any great power if I am granted any as Ulook does. Ulook doesn't follow any principles and he doesn't even love his brother & family but Prashant is incomplete without his family. There is a long list of differences that can't be written but yeah they both are poles apart from each other.

How did you prepare for the character of Ulook?

I saw death note, the anime two years ago and I saw Ryuk as a very interesting character. This year somehow we just thought of making a Death Note in our version. I read and researched many things about Hindu scriptures, Hindu Gods, and Hindu beliefs about death, there I found that an owl (Ullu) is the messenger of death God 'Yamraj', this is how the name came into my mind 'Ulook' if I have to write a character of the messenger of death and this is why Ulook is a very different character from Ryuk in many senses. Now moving to how Ulook should look, DK wanted Ulook to look like Ryuk and I had to go through various look tests & makeups. I had some idea about how Ulook should speak & about his body language while I was writing the story & dialogues so it didn't bother me much when I played Ulook. It was fun.

You have also created the script for the death note. How challenging it was for you to maintain a balance between writing and playing an important character?

First of all, what we have seen on screens is way different from what was written. I wrote very long drafts for both episodes having different endings but when we started shooting It was DK who made everything easy, crisp & interesting without killing the soul of the story also I had everything in my mind about Ulook because I wrote everything about him. When I was done with writing I was never worried about acting because I had DK with me who kept telling me how I should go in a better way with Ulook.

Anything special in Ulook you want people to know about?

As I told you earlier "where did Ulook's name come from?" There are some interesting facts about him like his costume and the accessories he wears but the audience has not noticed it yet but it has some hidden facts & meanings. His skull necklet shows the number of people he has killed, rope in his waist is used to drag a soul to Yamlok by him, and a chain across his chest is used to torture a soul for its wrong deeds. Ulook has some amazing capabilities about which people don't know yet but we have decided to reveal them in coming episodes as we revealed Ulook's family in the 2nd episode followed by his brother Aayun's entry in the climax of the 1st episode. So hang on, there is much more to come.


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