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DK FILMS Unveils 'Kavi Kasturi' – A Romantic Family Entertainer"

Kavi Kasturi Official Title Announcement

In a mesmerizing blend of rural charm and heartfelt romance, DK FILMS has unveiled their upcoming web series, "Kavi Kasturi." The evocative trailer offers a tantalizing peek into the love story set against the backdrop of a quaint village. With a stellar cast led by Dushyant Kapoor and Anjali Kaushal, director Kartik Singh's visual brilliance, and Kapoor's soul-stirring vocals in the title track, "Kavi Kasturi" promises to be a spellbinding journey into the nuances of love and life. As the series, produced by Kapoor and creatively crafted by Ankit Vatsa and Kapoor himself, gears up for release, audiences can anticipate a cinematic experience that transcends the ordinary, immersing them in the timeless allure of village romance. Get ready to be swept away when "Kavi Kasturi" hits the screens, delivering a fresh and enchanting take on love's intricate dance in the heart of a village.

Watch The Announcement Here:

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