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"DK Films to Release Spine-Tingling Short Film "Pizza - Khao or Sab Bhul Jao"

DK Films, the popular film production company known for its superhero web shows, is set to release a new short film directed by Rajat Singh. The film, titled "Pizza - Khao or Sab Bhul Jao," features Ankit Vatsa as Revati Raman, Nakul Rawat as Raja, Rajat Singh as Rudra, and Mohit Bargali in his first acting role as the pizza delivery boy.

The film follows Revati as he orders a pizza late at night, only to be met with an hour-long delay from the delivery boy. Revati loses his temper and starts shouting at the delivery boy, but all is forgotten once the pizza arrives and he begins eating. However, after a few bites, strange and horrifying events start to take place, leading to a murder mystery that unfolds throughout the film.

The performances of the actors, particularly Ankit Vatsa, Nakul Rawat, and Rajat Singh, have been praised for their ability to convey a range of emotions, from anger to fear to confusion, as the story takes unexpected twists and turns. Mohit Bargali, in his debut acting role, has also been noted for his convincing portrayal of the pizza delivery boy.

Fans of DK Films and horror-mystery genre are eagerly awaiting the release of the film on the company's official YouTube channel. The short film promises to be a thrilling ride, with a story that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


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