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Delhi based film Director Dushyant Kapoor

In the realm of Indian filmmaking, few individuals possess the creative vision and storytelling prowess exhibited by Delhi film director Dushyant Kapoor. Renowned for his most popular webseries, "Pehla Chakravyuh Chalava," "Suitboy," "Mahakaal," and "Boom," Kapoor has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of superheroes and action-packed narratives. With a strong online presence and a growing fan base, he has firmly established himself as a trailblazer in the Indian entertainment industry.

Director Dushyant Kapoor at Delhi University

From Humble Beginnings to Superhero Sensations:

Dushyant Kapoor's journey as a filmmaker began with DK Films, his YouTube channel that boasts an impressive 618K subscribers and over 100 million + views on its superhero series. Starting from scratch, Kapoor independently produced a universe centered on the superhero genre, introducing his own unique characters that have captivated audiences worldwide. Characters like "Naari," "Halt," "Narayan," and "SHE" have become household names among superhero enthusiasts, solidifying Kapoor's status as the "Father of Indian Superheroes."

Director Dushyant Kapoor is in Chandigarh

Sucess of Dushyant Kapoor

Dushyant Kapoor's web series, "Pehla Chakravyuh Chalava," has achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing 54 million views across various platforms, including Disney Plus Hotstar, YouTube, Facebook and Trending No. 3 on Disney Plus Hotstar .This incredible achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support and overwhelming response from our viewers. We are immensely grateful for your continuous support, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude.

The fact that our content has resonated with such a wide audience fills us with immense pride and honor. It motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries and delivering engaging and meaningful content that speaks to our viewers on a deeper level. Your appreciation and enthusiasm drive us to create even more captivating stories and memorable characters.

We understand the responsibility that comes with success, and we assure you that we will strive to maintain the high standards that have earned us your loyalty and support. We are committed to delivering content that entertains, inspires, and leaves a lasting impact.

As we move forward, we are excited to bring you more exciting content in the future. Stay tuned for new web series, captivating narratives, and thrilling adventures. We value your feedback and suggestions, and we will continue to listen to our audience, ensuring that we meet and exceed your expectations.

Photoshoot for a web-series Pehla-Chakravyuh-Chalava

Director Dushyant kapoor writing a script for an upcoming projects


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