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Death Note - Maut Ki Kitaab

Worldwide anime sensation "DEATH NOTE" gets into the shoes of a live-action thriller first time in India. A college student discovers a supernatural notebook that grants its user the ability to kill anyone whose name is written in the miraculous book.

Cast - Ankit Vatsa, Prashant Raj, Nakul Rawat, Tushar Sirohi, Vikas Chauhan, Rajat Singh, Mohit, Deepak, Naveen Singh

Created by: Dushyant Kapoor

Writer: Prashant Raj

3D: Tushar Sirohi

Editor: Dushyant Kapoor

DOP: Charchit Kaushik, Dushyant Kapoor

Makeup: Amit Kumar

Sound Design : Charchit Kaushik

Producer: Naveen Singh

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