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Anand Badoniya, the Cinematographer of the Web Series Pehla Chakravyuh Chalava: A Master of Frames

Anand badoniya on the set of "Pehla Chakravyuh - CHALAVA"

Cinematography is an art that requires a keen eye for detail, technical expertise, and a creative flair. In the world of web series, cinematographers play a crucial role in bringing the director's vision to life. One such name that has been making waves in the world of Indian web series is Anand Badoniya. He is the cinematographer of the web series Pehla Chakravyuh Chalava, a crime thriller that has taken the online streaming world by storm.

Anand has been working with DK Films since 2014, and has delivered amazing work on several projects such as "The Last Case", the short film "Heera - Story of a Farmer", "Mahakaal", and almost every great project by DK Films. He has been praised by many filmmakers for his work and his amazing frames.

The series revolves around a mysterious serial killer being transferred from one prison to another. Ashish Dutta, a new police officer, is assigned to lead the journey, which leads to shocking events, deaths, and unimaginable crimes. The series has been praised for its gripping storyline, tight editing, and stunning visuals. Anand Badoniya's contribution to the series is commendable, as he has created a visual masterpiece with his exceptional cinematography skills.

One of the most striking features of Pehla Chakravyuh Chalava is the lighting. Anand has used lighting to create different moods and atmospheres throughout the series. He wanted to show the unique way of realities, and used lights accordingly. The dimly lit interrogation scenes, the neon-lit night shots, and the warm, sun-kissed scenes during the day, all create a distinct visual language that adds to the overall viewing experience. Anand's mastery over lighting has ensured that every frame is lit to perfection.

Apart from lighting, the movement of the camera is also noteworthy in the series. Anand has used camera movement to add a sense of urgency and tension to the scenes. The smooth and seamless camera movements during the action sequences make them all the more impactful. The use of handheld cameras during certain scenes also adds a raw and realistic feel to the visuals.

Anand's ability to frame shots is unparalleled. The composition of every shot is thoughtfully done, and each frame tells a story. The wide shots of the cityscape, the close-ups of the characters' expressions, and the use of negative space in certain shots, all add to the visual appeal of the series. Anand has paid great attention to detail in every frame, and it shows in the final product.


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